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Our Vision

All Alabama Children Thrive By Five

Our Mission

To enhance healthy attachment relationships between children birth to age five and the adults who care for them through promotion, prevention, and intervention supports throughout Alabama’s early childhood systems.

Our Purpose and Goals

  • promote throughout Alabama, the healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of young children through supportive and nurturing relationships from conception through five years of age;

  • facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation among individuals concerned with promoting conditions that will bring about the optimal development of young children and child-caregiver and child-parent relationships;

  • encourage the realization that early childhood is a sensitive period in the psychosocial development of individuals;

  • promote education, research, and study of the effects of mental development during early childhood on later social/emotional/behavioral and psychopathological development;

  • promote education, professional development, and expertise of a cadre of professionals concerning the mental health of young children, parents, families and other caregivers of young children;

  • promote mental health in early childhood by developing evidence-based practices and/or informing programs about promotion, prevention, intervention, and care.

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